Fundraising for Non-Profit Groups

Everyone loves Sarah’s Creamery which serves Penn State Ice Cream straight from the Berkey Creamery at Penn State’s Main Campus as well as premium handmade ice cream and much more.  We offer several fundraising options.

Bring the Ice Cream Truck to Your Large Event:

We will donate up to your organization (amount determined by gross sales and length of event)   This works well for events like football games, band competitions, end of year spring festivals, etc. For truck fundraisers, contact Ellen @

Have a Fundraising Day at Sarah’s Creamery:

Runs open to close of your chosen day, just tell the cashier that you are with the fundraising event and we will keep track of those receipts.  We will donate 10% of gross sales in March-September and 15% of gross sales in October-February.  We will mark the donation jar that day for your organization and your group receives 100% of all donations collected.  This works well for any size group.

Sell Sarah’s Creamery Gift Cards:

You buy a card for $9 and sell it for $10 your group keeps the profit.  Have your group sell and collect the money before picking them up so your group does not need to lay out any money.