Ice Cream Cakes

Sarah’s Creamery offers a variety of custom and ready-made ice cream cakes in your choice of any of our handmade ice cream flavors or Penn State flavors in inventory.

Ice Cream Cake Sizes

  •  Mini Cake serves 1-2
  •  9″ ice cream cake serves 10 to 12
  •  10″x 14″ ice cream cake serves 12 to 15
  •  12″x 18″ ice cream cake serves 25+

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Our Ice Cream Cakes are all deliciously creamy ice cream, no cake.  They are made with Real Penn State or Premium Handmade Ice Cream & a Chocolate Crunch layer.

Sarah’s Own Homemade Cakes – here are some examples of cakes we have made – each cake unique no two ever the same


classic balloon ice cream cake

Gourmet Candy Cakes


Gourmet cakes are available for limited orders or carryout purchase. All flavors may not be available at all times. Gourmet cakes include:

  • Mint Chocolate Chip: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with crunch, mint icing, rolled in chocolate chips, rosettes with Andes mints
  • Peanut Butter Cup: Vanilla Peanut Butter ice cream with crunch, peanut butter icing, rosettes drizzled with peanut butter icing, topped with whole peanut butter cups
  • Toasted Coconut: Coconut ice cream with crunch, marshmallow and toasted coconut, white icing rolled in toasted coconut topped with marshmallow and rosettes with toasted coconut
  • Cookies N Cream: Cookies N Cream ice cream with crunch, white icing rolled in crunch, chocolate drizzle, rosettes topped with Oreo cookies
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Peanut (CMP): Vanilla and Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream with crunch, chocolate and chopped peanuts, vanilla icing rolled in peanuts, drizzled with chocolate, marshmallow and peanuts
  • Butterfinger: Butterfinger ice cream with crunch, chocolate and crushed Butterfingers, chocolate icing with crushed Butterfingers
  • Chocolate Kiss: Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream with crunch, chocolate icing rolled in chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle, topped with rosettes and Kisses
  • Coconut Almond Fudge: Coconut Almond Fudge ice cream with crunch, fudge, white coconut, white icing topped with fudge, almonds and white coconut
  • Cookie Dough: Cookie Dough ice cream with crunch, white icing with cookie dough pieces, rosettes topped with chocolate and mini chocolate chips
  • Fluffy Nut: Vanilla Peanut Butter ice cream with crunch, marshmallow, peanut butter icing with peanut butter and marshmallow drizzled on top
  • Fudge Almond: Vanilla Fudge ice cream with crunch, almonds, fudge, chocolate icing with fudge center topped with almonds
  • Goldberg’s Peanut Chew: Goldberg’s Peanut Chew ice cream with crunch, white icing topped with peanut chews
  • M&M: M&M ice cream with crunch, crushed M&M’s, white icing, rosettes topped with whole M&M’s

    Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes

    Your Choice of Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream! serves 10-12